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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remembering the first lady of Flip Mode Rah Digga

When Rah Digga first entered the scene, she transcended being viewed as the first lady of Busta Rhymes' FlipMode Squad and made people believe in her skills as an MC. Hip-hop heads immediately took notice of her signature deep voice and hard-hitting clever rhymes. Her debut, 2000’s Dirty Harriet, displayed that she was ready for lyrical war and helped solidify her fan base who waited (and waited) nearly a decade for her sophomore album to drop.

After dropping Dirty Harriet I'd have to admit I was impressed because of her raw skills alone. If she were to drop another LP I could almost be assured that Niki Minaj would be among one of the sure haters. What do you think? Does Niki have enough lyrical content to hold her own against a pure lyricist like Rah Digga? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Talk shows and there host, who's the best?

Talk show host have the ability to touch our hearts with the way they deliver their views on the tough topics.

What does it take to become a good talk show host?

Which do you prefer, morning or evening talk shows?

Be careful what you say out of your mouth: Brendon Ayanbadejo

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo wants to use the Super Bowl media frenzy as a platform to sound off on marriage equality and anti-bullying.
In an email to fellow same-sex marriage supporters Brian Ellner and Michael Skolnik (who also serves as political director to hip-hop mogul and philanthropist Russell Simmons), Ayanbadejo asked, “Is there anything I can do for marriage equality or anti-bullying over the next couple of weeks to harness this Super Bowl media?”
Along with his team, the AFC champion will be playing in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 against the San Francisco 49ers.
Among those to get word of the email was New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, who reached out to Ayanbadejo.

“On the phone Tuesday afternoon, Ayanbadejo called that missive his “Jerry Maguire email,” referring to the Tom Cruise movie, in which the plot is set in motion when Maguire, played by Cruise, seizes the occasion of a sleepless night to pour his heart and soul into a mission statement,” wrote Bruni.
“It’s one of those times when you’re really passionate and in your zone. And I got to thinking about all kinds of things, and I thought: how can we get our message out there,” Ayanbadejo told Bruni.
My question to you is, Do you think that his actions in regards to this topic is what resulted in him being released from the super bowl champion Baltimore Ravens?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Am I the only one seeing this B.S.

Attention Rappers: Please stop shitting on your supporters!

What has happened to rap music? I have been a fan of rap music dating all the way back to the early 80's. I have watched the content of rap music deteriorate over the years and it saddens me. The music that is played now is all about materialistic content. Is this music supposed to be good music? All it does now is make me mad because it seems as if these rappers that are the most popular are talking about us and straight shitting on its fans and supporters. Then they lie openly to us. Example Drake talking about starting from some so called bottom but its a  well known publicized fact that Drake has never personally seen the bottom of anything but a soda bottom. Why is it  that these out of contact with reality are celebrated so much when all they talk about is making millions of dollars and flaunt it in our faces. We support these rappers everyday. How blind are we? When is somebody going to realize this is blasphemy? Im sick and tired of this and I wish someone else would stand beside me and say something about this issue or at least question these rappers like I am trying to. I need your support because this is straight DIRT that needs to be addressed immediately!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to avoid becoming a rap sell out!

As a retired unsigned rapper from Charm City B.K.A Cruddy Yo I later reinvented myself by using my inner energy to hone my craft. There comes a point in every rappers life when you have to ask yourself, am I really cut out to do this? That's the harsh reality of dreaming big. Not everyone who has dreams of becoming a house hold name rapper will make it big. Some of you will actually become a one hit wonder. Hey I didn't even make it that far. So don't let my words rain on your parade, please. I'm here to help you in any way I can. I wanted to share this with those serious about the rap game.

  • Freestyle rap strengthens your mind. Your mind is a muscle and by forcing it to think and come up with rhymes on the spot, it gets a "work out" and becomes stronger. The longer you keep at it the better you will be. Think of it as weight lifting for your muscles, the first day at the gym you can only do a few reps, but in a month you can push out those reps no problem and have already moved on to bigger weights
  • Write the chorus in a way that makes the listener really want to hear more of the song, but make sure the chorus goes with the verses.
  • If you're unsure about rapping your own rap, ask someone else who could rap your rap for you.
  • Deciding the title isn't really that big of a deal, but try to make it something out of the chorus.
  • If you want you can even have your friends in your song to have more variety of lyrics.
  • Get a good book on writing lyrics, get some ideas from those.
  • Be real - rapping about your own life gives the song credibility.
  • Usually rap songs have at least two to three verses, but as long as your song makes the point you're trying to convey and is, in your opinion, length doesn't really matter.
  • If you ever have songwriters' block, listening to a couple of rap tunes can help give you fresh ideas.
  • Rapping does not have to be written, many rappers can also freestyle
  • Freestyling on a good rhythm can also let you jump into new ideas,and listening to other rappers rap can also give you inspiration too.
  • Keep your rap original. Don't copy someone else's style.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Illuminati influencing Beyonces latest actions?

Has Beyonce allowed Jay Z and the Illuminati to influence her transformation in a negative way?

I know I aint the only one that see's whats going on with Mrs. Jay Z. In my views Beyonce has lost it. Now she's openly going after other R&B singers talking about "Bitches Bow Down" striking out against Keisha and Keri on Twitter and Instagram. So whats up with the hottest chick in the game? I personally believe its the work of the illuminati and here's why.

Evil Sasha Fierce mimicking devil horns

The theme of the album I am…Sasha Fierce revolves around the duality between the godly Beyonce and the evil Sasha Fierce. This spiritual duality is fought in the songs, the pictures and the videos. Notice on the above images the Christian cross of the good and pure Beyonce versus Sasha Fierce who is mimicking devil horns with her hands. Songs like Ave Maria and Halo on her album contain obvious spiritual connotations and can be interpreted as either religious songs or odes to her satanic possessor. The persona of Sasha Fierce – who is presented as a separate entity- always wears heavy makeup on her eyes, if not sunglasses which represent her deceptive nature.

More interesting pictures and articles to come as this story unfolds.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sheneka Adams, girl next door?

Sheneka Adams has the girl next door type sex appeal but from the looks of these pictures she's a bonifide freak. At first II have to admit I really didn't like her that much but after studying these pictures, and I do mean just that. I studied these pictures folks, I have come to the conclusion that she's definitely worth paying more attention to. Sheneka does have that girl next door type of mysterious sex appeal to her. She's cute and has hell ah booty. The type booty you wanna bounce a quarter off of. I had a brief run in with her on Facebook after posting a picture of her on my The Dirty Dirty page. I stated that I'd rather see her ass up in the air and her face down. Well Ms. Adams today I'd like to apologize. You have changed my mind. You are very attractive and deserve to be showcased on my blogs simply because you are indeed sexy as hell. Further more any woman that is photographed making love to a dick in her mouth the way you've been captured with that dick in your mouth should make the front page of any magazine or blog. Ms. Adams I believe I'm in love. Please don't tell my girl friend because she can tend to have a very jealous streak. You are my newest apple in my eye and the world now knows you have taken Rihanna's place in my heart. Please tell me that you can sing... LMFAO

Sincerly and secretly yours,
Who's Got Dirt

Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's my name?

What is it about this girl that makes her so damn hot?

After all these years...


When I was growing up I can remember thinking that cookies that looked like this woman's cookies were nasty to me. Funny how my mind has matured. Today it really doesn't matter to me what kind of cookies a woman has now. All I really want now is a hot piece of pussy to stick my dick inside, 20 minutes of wet wet, and a little bit of friction from time to time. As a matter of fact after you've fucked  a few good looking women, and a few ugly ducklings you quickly realize that pussy has no face. LOL